Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Trumpeter Swan/The Ashes/English Teeth at Club Deville, Fri Jan 14th

As my friend, Clay (who is the lead singer and songwriter for The Ashes) told me, it's like this bill is made just for me. Simply said but very true. This triple bill gives you a glimpse into my musical tastes - singer/songwriter, indie pop, power pop, alt-country, garage rock, British invasion - all rolled into a tasty little package. Trumpeter Swan is the musical alterego of Drew Patrizi. Drew is currently based in Brooklyn but he previously resided in Austin and was a former member of What Made Milwaukee Famous. He branched out on his own by releasing "Listen For The Clues" recorded with the help of some friends (engineers Erik Wofford and Danny Reisch and players from Voxtrot, the Lemurs and the Polyphonic Spree). I've posted a couple of video clips below but you can also preview some of Drew's songs at In the summer of 2009, I stumbled across English Teeth when they opened for a couple of favorite local bands. They've become a steady favorite of mine by combining solid, catchy tunes along with a fun, engaging stage presence. Since Jan 2010, they've released 3 EPs - the 1st self titled EP, followed by "Two" and "Three" (yes, those are the titles) for your listening pleasure. Take at least one of these EPs home - you'll be glad you did. The Ashes is only just one of the bands in which Clay Fain plays. I think it was 3 bands the last time I counted :-). For brevity's sake, you can describe The Ashes as acoustic alternative pop. If you want to use band names, it's like Wilco combining brains with Elliott Smith and Nada Surf. Just watch and listen to the clip below. It's one of my favorite Ashes tunes - an unreleased nugget known as "Darrel, I Was On My Way". I'm not certain about the band order or cover charge for Friday night at Club Deville. I'm guessing that the music will start at 10 pm and cover charge around $5 or so. Whether you see 1 band or 3, it's worth braving the chilly temperatures to hear some quality songwriting from really great people.

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