Monday, February 6, 2012

The Sour Notes and Marmalakes Two Hands Wait/White Height 7" in vinyl

The Sour Notes and Marmalakes released their split 7 in single on Feb 7th on No Play Music. They're holding their release party this Thurs, Feb 9th at The Mohawk with several other excellent Austin and Houston bands on 2 stages (Doors open at 7 pm - $8 cover, $10 under 21). The Sour Notes add layers of horns and keyboards to their lush indie rock sound while Marmalakes tickle your fancy with their harmonic folk-influenced pop. This 7 in single is the Austin music scene version of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup : two great tastes that taste great together.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Liam Finn

Musical sons who follow in their families footsteps have the challenge of respecting a legacy while also establishing their own identity. It's a chicken and egg question perhaps - which comes first ? Liam Finn has strongly established his own musical identity - no doubt about it. Even for me as a longtime, diehard fan of his father, Neil Finn, I try to keep the comparisons to a minimum. I was cautiously optimistic when I first heard Liam's songs as a solo artist. He started out as a teenager with the band, Betchadupa, a decade ago. Although Betchadupa didn't quite catch on with me, I definitely heard the potential in his songwriting. His solo debut quickly impressed me. I was able to see that this is a songwriter not riding on anyone's coattails. He's a gifted songwriter and dynamic, charming performer in his own right. I saw Liam perform at this year's SXSW and his shows are a raucous, often chaotic treat. In his video for "Jump Your Bones" from his latest album, FOMO, you get a taste of his performance style. So much fun to watch. He can also take it down a notch and tug at your heartstrings with songs like "Gather To The Chapel" from his solo debut album, "I'll Be Lightning." He's been on a North American tour since September. For those of you in Austin, you can catch him at The ND this Wed, Oct 12th. It's a rare Austin performance from Liam. Worth staying out late for on a Wednesday night. I couldn't resist including this father and son collaboration from the 7 Worlds Collde project.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

STUCK: STUCK Interview: RTB2

STUCK: STUCK Interview: RTB2: This summer, I was introduced to the sounds of RTB2 at Leatherbag's album and EP release show in Austin. RTB2 are Ryan Thomas Becker and ...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chock Full O'Angst - "The Blackest Shine" Photoshoot with The Pons

In August 2011, Austin TX guitar pop trio, The Pons , successfully met their Kickstarter fundraiser campaign goal. The money raised will go towards album production costs, tour expenses, and promotional support. Donors who pledged $100 or more had the opportunity to attend a make-up/photo shoot party. To honor the album title, "The Blackest Shine", photo shoot participants were given pain-free fake black eyes skillfully applied by makeup artist, Lisa Donahoe. The band will play a handful of tour dates in Texas and Oklahoma starting in early October and end the month with an album release party in Austin at The Highball on October 28th with 2 of my local favorites, The Sour Notes and STEREO IS A LIE. I took my own digital camera to the photo shoot which took place at the home of The Pons' lead singer and guitarist, Thomas Siragusa. There was a fun , casual atmosphere and there were plenty of laughs and amazement as everyone showed off their brand new shiner. Here are a handful of my photos from "The Blackest Shine" photo shoot.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pete and the Pirates - Half Moon Street

In the Pete and the Pirates video for their new single, Half Moon Street, lead singer Tommy Sanders appears to be creating his own version of "The Bachelor" TV series. So many ladies to choose from, so little time, and not enough money (note the expression when he gets bill at the restaurant). Love the mischievous yet endearing sense of humor in their videos. Half Moon Street has an irresistible melody and a ridiculously catchy chorus in which you can't help singing along. Definitely worthy of repeat listens :). Speaking of money, Pete and the Pirates are one of many bands affected by the London riots. Their record label, Stolen Recordings, was one of numerous indie labels who lost a significant amount of their physical stock in the SonyDADC warehouse fire. CDs and albums can still be purchased from Stolen Recordings although orders may take a little longer than usual since the post office they used was also destroyed by fire during the riots. Digital downloads are available from their online shop. A full list of the labels affected can be found here : If you couldn't already tell, I absolutely adore this band. They worked on their latest album, One Thousand Pictures, for 3 years. Show your support if you can for one of the nicest, hardest working bands I've had the pleasure of seeing and knowing.

Monday, August 8, 2011

How I l Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Sour Notes

I can't exactly remember when I first saw The Sour Notes. I vaguely recall not being an instant fan but thought that they had potential. Another way to explain it is I liked the songs enough to see and hear them again but I needed more convincing. It's easy to dismiss bands if their music doesn't instantly win you over. It's almost like a courtship. Sometimes you need to take the time for you and the music to get to know each other, be attentive, and listen closely. And it has developed into a serious music crush. With 4 albums plus 2 7 inch singles in 3 years, an active performing schedule, and always working on new material, they show no signs of stopping anytime soon. They check all the boxes for me : hook filled, ambitious pop songs, occasional dramatic flair with horns and strings, lyrics and melodies that range from sweet to sinister.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

STEREO IS A LIE at Cactus Cafe 7/29/2011

This Friday, July 29th, features a rare style of performance from Austin indie rock quintet, STEREO IS A LIE. This time around, you can leave your earplugs at home because the amps will be turned down for an all acoustic set at the esteemed Austin venue, Cactus Cafe. Doors open at 8 pm. White Dress starts the show. $8 general admission ($5 if you have a UT Student ID). You can purchase tickets here. If you want the chance win a pair of tickets, yours truly is giving a pair away. Leave a comment on this blog and I will choose a winner.