Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goldenboy - Sleepwalker

I've been eagerly awaiting the latest record from Goldenboy for a few years now. I've been a fan of Goldenboy since their debut release, Blue Swan Orchestra, in 2003. Their 2nd album, Underneath The Radio, was released in 2006. I was introduced to Goldenboy's tunes shortly before that time when lead singer and songwriter, Shon Sullivan, was a member of Neil Finn's touring band. Shon Sullivan also played with the late Elliott Smith who gave Shon the nickname of "Goldenboy". While a member of Elliott Smith's band, Shon began developing his own material and thus Goldenboy was born first as a solo side project and later evolving into the current lineup as a quintet. Goldenboy's 3rd release, Sleepwalker, will be released on Feb 8th on Eenie Meenie Records. Sleepwalker continues to showcase Shon's songwriting charms. The album makes its introduction with the driving guitar and vocals of "Different Moon". Sleepwalker also contains Goldenboy's signature gentle, romantic harmonies in songs like "She Belongs To Me", "He Liked Cloudy Weather", "Anna Said", and "Spark." There are also more uptempo, playful songs like "Rock and Roll All Night", "Chelsea Girl", and "I Like You Because" (which contains the smile inducing lyric of "you're so first class/the girl kicks ass") which highlight Shon's skills as a guitarist. There's also the jazzy piano shuffle of "Lilac Afternoon" and the soothing lullaby vibe of the title track. With "Holiday" (a bonus track on the physical CD), you can hear a little bit of the Elliott Smith influence along with the vintage keyboard riffs and wistful vocals. Overall, the songs on Sleepwalker provide lush, engaging indie pop to warm and comfort the soul. Goldenboy will be touring through 2011 and that includes a SXSW 2011 showcase. They kick off their Sleepwalker tour on Feb 1st. Go to for details.

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  1. Thanks for an interesting background story, like "Different Moon" especially