Saturday, June 18, 2011

Songs For Summer, Texas Style

Looking for tunes to add to your summer playlists ? Try these new tunes from some of my favorite up and coming Texas bands. Black Hearted Faction by Elevated Lines Elevated Lines is a musical project fronted by singer/guitarist Carrie Clark. "Black Hearted Faction" from their debut Evil Eye EP is a perfect song for summer. It's Debbie Harry meets The Ronettes combined with glam rock riffs and an infectious singalong chorus. This Time by young girls The self titled debut album from Houston TX trio is also perfect for this summer's soundtrack. Summery harmonies, shimmering guitars and a steady surf rock backbeat. I think I can almost hear the beach calling. The Shore by Wiretree If you're going to rely on YouTube video comments, this song is supposedly a rip off of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" and/or Green Day's "Holiday". This song is from their upcoming album, Makeup, which is set for release on Aug 1st. Whether or not you agree with the song comparisons, it's a stomping, rollicking tune telling a tale of aquatic adventures. You can download the song and pre-order the album from their Bandcamp page. Yellow TV (Unmastered) by Leatherbag Leatherbag (featuring singer and songwriter, Randy Reynolds) has been previewing tunes on Soundcloud from upcoming album, Yellow TV, set for release on July 20th. The title track is a great example of the range of influences from post-punk to power pop and pub rock. The humor from the lyric "I woke up this morning with a yellow television/and a neon grin" certainly puts a grin on my face. 1994 - International Waters The title track from their upcoming album brings to mind the gentler, sweeter side of summer with its cool organ and acoustic guitar intro and soothing harmonies. A musical oasis during an extremely hot Texas summer.