Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pons/Wiretree/Leatherbag/DJ Czech One at ND @ 501 Studios - Jan 8, 2011

I love Free Week in Austin. Of course, the shows are free but it's also such a great opportunity to see tons of quality local bands. You can check out multiple venues without feeling guilty or broke. But I'll be out of town this time around visiting family. I'll be back at the end of Free Week for a special show at The ND at 501 Studios. This show with some of my local pop/rock favorites, The Pons, Wiretree, and Leatherbag, will also act as my birthday party. After the live band sets, DJ Czech One will be on hand for an after show dance party. But this dance party will be focusing on 60s British Invasion, 90s Britpop, and other British favorites. In other words, a Superpop!-style shindig :).
Extra and very special thanks goes to my dear friend,Thomas Siragusa, (of The Pons) for the suggestion of making this fantastic local triple bill as my birthday show.


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