Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Love This Band ! : The Duke Spirit

You've been warned. My fixation on The Duke Spirit has been rekindled by the news of their upcoming "Kusama" EP release and early 2011 release of their LP, Bruiser. Enjoy.

I can't get enough of this gorgeous new tune from their upcoming "Kusama" EP. Liela Moss' voice really shines on this track and credit also due to the dual guitar attack and solid rhythm section.

A few years ago, the band recorded a bunch of covers including the 60s Love classic, A House Is Not A Motel. Their version can be found on the "Covered In Love" EP.

Earlier this year, the band contributed a song to a compilation that was released in celebration of Doc Martens 50th anniversary. The original is by the 70s/80s UK punk band, Sham 69. The Duke Spirit provide a chilled out, organ fueled version instead of the original rowdy, "Oi !"styled punk anthem.

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