Thursday, June 17, 2010

Scrappy vs Pretty

In this clip, Chris Murphy from Sloan summarized the songs on the band's 2006 release, Never Hear The End Of It. Watching this again, I realized that he was describing my music taste. I have a lot of admiration for bands like Sloan who are able to write solid, catchy tunes that vary in style but also have their own identifiable sound. Several years ago when I first started seeing favorite local bands on a regular basis, I was nicknamed a "pop girl" and for the most part, it's stuck. I don't dispute it because I favor bands/artists who can create strong melodies, harmonies, and hooks. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy something with extra volume, buzz, and/or feedback. If a band can create a hook that sticks in my brain, makes me want sing along, turn up the volume, and hit the repeat button, you've found a fan in me. I'll leave you with a couple of examples pertaining to the blog title. "Scrappy" "Pretty"

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