Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Ashes

The Ashes - "Darrel, I Was On My Way" and "Alone" The Ashes is a project from Austin songwriter, Clay Fain. His songs straddle both the worlds of alt-country and indie pop. For the recordings and live performances, he's joined by Ideal Soul Mart bandmate/collaborator, Adam Luikart (bass and backing vocals), Douglas Walseth (guitar), and Daniel Jones (drums). The Ashes first appeared as a side project while Friends of Lizzy were still around. The Ashes were on the back burner for awhile but more recently resurfaced along with Ideal Soul Mart and the release of both bands albums. Some songs (such as "Incomplete" and "Pretty Good") are more piano driven ballads while other songs (such as "The Things You Think While I'm Asleep" and "Honestly") are straightforward alt-country. Clay's warm, melodic vocals along with Adam's harmonies, Douglas's skilled slide guitar, and Daniel's solid but not overpowering drum playing combine for a full, rich, and satisfying sound. The live gigs are mostly in the Austin area but if you can't see them play live, their self-titled album is a worthy addition to your musical library. Also, keep your fingers crossed for an upcoming release in the near future featuring new tunes, "Darrel, I Was On My Way" and "The Other Girls Are Gone". Don't forget to check out the live video clips above that were recorded last year by Robert Adams and Johnny Ramirez. (this is where you can buy the record...highly recommended !)

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