Sunday, May 16, 2010

Give Me A Holler !

I first saw Hollerado in late 2007 when they were on a bill with one of my favorite local bands, The Ugly Beats. They played to a nearly empty venue but I liked them enough to remember them. I missed them at SXSW 2008 but patience paid off when they returned for SXSW 2009. By that time, I took advantage of the free album download of Record In A Bag that they had offered on their website ( I was hooked by their infectious, harmony filled guitar rock. Whether you see them play live or listen to their songs at home, you'll be charmed by their sense of fun and impressed by their tight performance and songwriting. They also like the audience to be part of the fun. You can now buy Record In A Bag in stores. It does come in a plastic bag filled with confetti and other fun items selected by the band members themselves. At SXSW 2009 and 2010, they invited fans to join them onstage. At SXSW 2010, their official showcase fell on the same day as drummer Jake Boyd's birthday. Confetti poppers were made available to the audience so there was confetti flying everywhere along with a purposefully out of tune version of "Happy Birthday" as directed by lead singer and guitarist, Menno Versteeg. The band lineup is completed by guitarist Nick Boyd and bassist Dean Switzer. These lovely Canadians are returning to Austin this week. They're playing at Emo's on Tues 5/18 with Fang Island, Zlam Dunk, and Agent Ribbons (

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