Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sink your teeth into this band

One of my new favorite bands in Austin is English Teeth. I first saw them last summer when they were on a bill with 2 other local bands I like, Shapes Have Fangs and The Ugly Beats. Whoever put this bill together knew what they were doing. Like the previously mentioned bands, English Teeth proudly wear their influences on their sleeves and do it really well. You can recognize the 60s British Invasion sounds but they also blend in some punk, blues, and rockabilly. There's also room for some catchy melodies and hooks along with the crunchy guitars and sneering, raspy vocals. They're playing at 9 pm this Wed, April 28th, at the Mohawk as part of the From The Mind of Adi series and May 12th at The Parish (with The Ripe and The White White Lights - 2 more local bands I highly recommend). If you can't make it out to their shows, I recommend getting their self titled debut EP. If you're in Austin, you can find it at Waterloo Records. Or drop a message to the band on MySpace or Facebook, they'll be glad to help you get hold of their tunes.


  1. A DIY plus: All of Beautiful Beat's photos are taken in-house. :-)

  2. The White White Lights are no longer playing at the May 12th show at The Parish. Stepping in are The Daylight Titans.