Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jen Has A Turntable Once Again

It wasn't until this spring that I finally stopped procrastinating and bought a turntable. The turntable I had as a kid probably was sold in a family garage sale a long time ago. It's been nice to have one again so I can take advantage of buying new vinyl releases from some of my favorite local and regional bands. I thought that I had missed my opportunity to get a copy of the 7 in single, Six Pack Back Stab/Party Tape by Houston TX trio, Young Girls. Take in the reverb soaked sound and dual harmonies of "Six Pack Back Stab". Flip it over for the jangly, surf rock inspired "Party Tape". This year, my long time Austin favorites, The Ugly Beats, released 2 7 in singles. I couldn't resist picking up a copy of "Beeline" just for the sunshine yellow colored vinyl. The song itself is irresistible for its spot-on sounds of bees that come from a guitar and organ. The final touch on the bee theme is the B-side instrumental of "Maximum Bumble". Since the 2010 release of their Motor! album, the band has continued to add new tunes to their live set. 2 of those nuggets found a place on their latest 7 in single, "Throw Me A Line/Sombras. You can buy this limited edition single (500 copies made) from the band or from Hey Girl Records. "Throw Me A Line" is a plea for help or it could be an underdog's anthem : "I'll get what's mine/just throw me a line". The B-side contribution is "Sombras" which is a cover of the Spanish 60s garage rock band, Los Nivrem. My vinyl library is small but these 3 singles are a welcome addition to my growing collection.

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